Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Right now I feel so angry with myself! Argh! Today I just locked my phone, it's an HTC Windows 8S phone and I set a password lock on it and I forgot it so now I'm screwed! What happened was I was in class and one of my friends saw my password so I changed it, then I used that password and that bitch saw my password again! I changed my password back to what it originally was but it turns out I didn't type it any right or something like this and now I don't have a clue on what I typed! They even asked to confirm the new password! Seriously! Why? I had loads of personal data on my phone, ugh! I just hate it! Screw you friend who was walking past and saw my password! You forever scarred me...

I might do an update on what happens to my phone, if you'd like! I probably will though, blogging is just sometimes the way to take out your anger, try it... it works!

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