Monday, 6 January 2014


Ugh! The day I highly dread like none other! Going back to school! School is so boring, I mean ain't nobody got time fo' dat! My reasons for disliking school? Well read below...

Waking Up Early

This really bugs me, like seriously, I stay up until 04:45am when I have to wake up at 07:00am. Like this part kills me. In the morning I will spam that snooze button on my alarm like none other. Not cool. ๏_๏

One Lesson Of PE Every Day

Like seriously, the image above is practically what we have to do in our fitness class... except without the water. Damn, like I don't know about you but everyone else I know who doesn't go to my school has one lesson of PE once every five days. NO, just NO!

Slow Walkers Who Take Up All The Space In The Corridors 

I face these people everyday and take me that extra two minutes to get to class. Why?!? I once bumped into a girl who was a slow walker who took all the space in the corridors and then she stopped by her locker and sat there taking up so much time! Why is she so stupid?!?

So that's all about what I have time for! Thanks!

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  1. Hey, please enjoy your school time! Things get really hard after graduate haha! Have a lovely week xx

    1. Hehe, it probably does! I just don't like it really in general!


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